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VMware is transforming the world of enterprise applications, combining decades of enterprise expertise with cloud native principles and the incredible innovation from the Kubernetes community.

Re-watch this streamed event to learn how VMware can make your developers more productive while simplifying operations across a diverse multi-cloud world.

  • Discover VMware Tanzu, an entirely new portfolio from VMware, delivering and managing modern apps to any cloud.
  • Explore VMware Cloud Foundation 4.0, the platform that defined the hybrid cloud, reinvented for modern apps, rearchitected for the cloud.


Below you’ll find expanded and exclusive content and hands on solutions. Everything you need to get started today and accelerate your app modernization initiatives.


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Climate change is a global challenge bigger than any single company or country. To mark the launch of VMware Tanzu, which means “branch” in Swahili, and contribute to critical reforestation efforts in Australia, we’re planting up to 50,000 trees. Click “donate today” if you’re inspired to contribute additional support.

Solution Information

Executive Overview 

VMware App Modernization Strategy
Driving the Next Era of innovation

Pat Gelsinger, VMware Chief Executive Officer

Hear how VMware is unlocking the power of Kubernetes, accelerating developer productivity and driving business innovation by bringing together 20 years of enterprise expertise with innovations for modern apps.

Build Applications Faster Than Ever 

Introducing: VMware Tanzu and VMware Cloud Foundation 4.0
Ray O’Farrell, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Modern Applications Platform Business Unit

Build applications more rapidly than ever, more powerfully than ever, for any cloud with VMware’s new app modernization portfolio.

Resources for Operations Teams

?Download Kubernetes for Operators eBook

Technical Details: VMware App Modernization Portfolio
Ray O’Farrell, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Modern Applications Platform Business Unit, Jared Rosoff, Eryn Meutzel

Engage with VMware technical leaders as they explore the inspiration & innovation of VMware Tanzu & VMware Cloud Foundation.

Resources for Operations Teams

?A Primer: Modern Apps and the Hybrid Cloud


Explore in-depth the innovations in VMware Cloud Foundation and VMware Tanzu through technical demos with VMware technical leads

VMware App Modernization in Action 

Unlocking the Power of Kubernetes for the Enterprise: VMware Solutions in Action
Joe Beda, Principal Engineer, Modern Applications Platform Business Unit, Kit Colbert, Richard Munro

Watch how VMware’s new portfolio can help you drive developer productivity, operate across multi-cloud and transform existing applications.

Building a Cloud Native Organization 

Building a Cloud Native Organization
Joe Beda, Principal Engineer and Warren McNeel, SVP, Modern Applications Platform Business Unit, T-Mobile

Hear T-Mobile and Kubernetes author Joe Beda explore how technology, people and process combine for maximum impact to app modernization initiatives.

Building the Next Generation App Foundation
Raghu Raghuram and Ray O’Farrell

Join VMware’s leading technical visionaries as they outline the long-range future for application architectures and VMware’s modern app platform.

Looking for More?

See the extended version of Ray and Raghu’s discussion as they outline the long-range future for application architectures and VMware’s modern app platform.

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Partner Information

The Impact and Opportunities of App Modernization with Partners

Executive Overview

Jenni Flinders and Susan Nash from VMware provide an executive level overview of what App Modernization in a Multi-Cloud World means for VMware partners

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Opportunities for Partners

Sam Alkharrat and Teri Bruns from VMware discuss the partner opportunities of app modernization and how they can engage.

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Partner Executive Roundtable

Join Susan Nash from VMware, as she discusses the impact and opportunities partners are seeing for modern apps and VMware Tanzu with Simon Hayes from Confluent, Eric Kaplan from Ahead, and David Kenner from Wipro.

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Partner Spotlight Videos

Eric Kaplan shares information about how Ahead is supporting customers in their app modernization journey.

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Simon Hayes shares information about how Confluent is helping customers to quickly build modern apps in a hybrid cloud environment.

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Dilip Kalliyat (Co-founder and President) and Sivagurunathan Sankaranarayanan (CTO) share their perspectives on how HUCO and VMware are well positioned to meet the customer needs for modern apps.

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Ruurd Keizer, VP Cloud Native at ITQ , shares his view on how ITQ is helping customers innovate and become more agile with Kubernetes and modern apps.

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Pat Lee, VP of Strategic Alliances at VMware is joined by Alvin Richards, Chief Product Officer at RedisLabs to get their perspectives on how our joint solutions help our customers build modern apps.

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Ofir Abekasis (Co-founder and CEO) and Tal Shatz (Co-founder & VP Business Development Cloud & DevOps) share their view on how TeraSky can help customers build agile solutions in order to support the transformation to cloud native applications.

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Rahul Shah and Milind Halapeth talk about helping customers accelerate their business through digital transformation with Wipro Boundaryless Enterprise.

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Sophie Proust discusses how Atos helps customers drive business transformation through modern apps and multi-cloud with the Atos Digital Hybrid Cloud offering & VMware Tanzu.

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Industry Analyst Perspective

James Governor from RedMonk shares his perspective on VMware’s App Modernization in the Multi-Cloud World announcement.

Lightboard videos on ISV solutions with VMware


Doug Tidwell shares details on how VMware and CloudBees work better together to help power enterprise end-to-end software delivery.

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Learn how Confluent uses Kafka as event streaming for data to leverage rich legacy data stores as well as modern data stores while working closely with VMware Tanzu to drive real time information with modern applications.

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Understand why RedisLabs works with VMware Tanzu platform to help our customers on their journey to developing modern applications with fast in-memory databases.

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