VMware Smart Assurance Automated Service Assurance

VMware Smart Assurance is a real-time automated service assurance solution designed to bridge the gap between the virtual and physical worlds. It provides holistic monitoring and network management across all layers for rapid insights, lower costs and improved customer experience.

What VMware Smart Assurance Does

Provides Single Pane of Glass Management

VMware Smart Assurance provides integrated service monitoring and network management from end to end. It correlates physical devices such as hosts, switches and routers with virtual environments such as NFV, VMs, SDN and SD-WAN, providing CSP operations teams with rapid insight and automated actions. Ultra-fast deployment means teams are up and running within hours.

Automates Root Cause Analysis

VMware Smart Assurance provides automated root cause analysis of network incidents across service, physical, and virtual cloud environments for faster problem isolation and remediation. Extraneous alarms are automatically suppressed and root causes rapidly identified. There are no static rules to be maintained, simplifying operations and reducing costly rules-upkeep.

Auto-Discovers Physical and Virtual Topologies

With advanced auto-discovery capabilities, VMware Smart Assurance can discover the topology of an entire network – physical, virtual, tenants and services - within hours and present operators with a comprehensive, graphical topology view. Changes to the network are automatically detected and the topology updated. Over 4000 devices supported.

Manages Multi-Tenancy, Multi-Vendor Environments

VMware Smart Assurance provides multi-tenancy and multi-vendor support so CSPs can monitor and proactively manage multiple customers with diverse environments within a single eco-system. This transparency enables CSPs to visualize, analyze and optimize their environments to enable faster resolution times, provide high availability and meet stringent SLAs.

Triggers Automated Actions

Through integration with orchestration tools such VNF-M, NFV-O and OSS systems, VMware Smart Assurance can trigger automated, closed-loop actions for fast remediation of service. For example, if potential issues are detected in a vIMS service for VoLTE, VMware Smart Assurance will raise an alert and automatically interact with the vIMS VNF-M to launch remediation actions.

Drives SLA Management

With real-time and historical views, trending and forecasting, VMware Smart Assurance gives network operations center (NOC) teams the insights they need to keep pace with today’s dynamic networks. Adaptive alerts helps them manage their customer’s networks proactively and preempt issues before customers are impacted.

Increases Uptime & Reduces MTTD and MTTR

VMware Smart Assurance automatically determines the relationship between services, protocols and infrastructure to rapidly identify to the root cause of issues and provide a prescriptive diagnosis. Events are prioritized based on customer, cost and service impact so that network operators can focus on the most important issues at hand and stay ahead of customer calls.

Performance Management & Analytics

Through VWware Smart Assurance integration with vRealize Operations, virtual operations management is extended across service, virtual and physical domains. Leveraging machine learning, vRealize Operations enables dynamic thresholding with anomaly detection for performance monitoring, capacity planning, cost analysis, and compliance monitoring.

VMware Smart Assurance

End-to-end assurance to holistically manage your virtual & physical networks as one. Automatically visualize the relationship between all the layers of your network to ensure maximum performance.



SD-WAN Monitoring

VMware Smart Assurance supports the monitoring of multi-vendor SD-WAN enterprise services including VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud. It is fully integrated for multi-tenant support and fault management and provides issue isolation and impact assessment across the network.

NFV Assurance

VMware Smart Assurance integrates with VMware vCloud NFV for an intelligent approach to multi-tenant and distributed NFV Assurance, supporting virtual compute (vSphere), virtual networking (NSX-T), virtual infrastructure manager (VIO) and OpenStack NFV solutions.

Virtual IMS Assurance

VMware Smart Assurance extends a service-centric common information model for vIMS correlated across several layers such as VNF components, VIM tenancy, cloud infrastructure, and physical network for performance monitoring, root cause analysis and issue isolation.

Business Impact Analysis

VMware Smart Assurance allows the operator to assign business impact scores to tenants and services. Incidents will automatically be prioritized for those tenants who have contracted higher-value services and SLAs for faster remediation.

Configuration Management

VMware Smart Assurance automatically discovers network device configurations, keeps a back-up of these configurations and performs continuous audits to ensure compliance. Upgrades to multiple devices can be done simultaneously and bulk configuration changes are supported.

Self Adapting Engine

Rather than using a rules-based engine that needs to be continuously updated, VMware Smart Assurance uses an advanced multi-dimensional deterministic model-based engine that automatically adapts to managed systems and reduces alarms by up to 95%+.


Smart Assurance

Assure the future of your network with comprehensive visibility & automation across physical and virtual networks to provide end-to-end service guarantees.

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